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affordable seo plan for small businesses


We are not an “SEO Supermarket”! If you are looking for an affordable SEO plan ours are designed with YOUR business in mind, tailoring an SEO solution to your business’s individual marketing needs, which ensures that your business will really benefit from the work that we do.

Small Business Affordable SEO PLAN Packages

Find your place in the local search rankings without breaking the bank! Affordable SEO offers custom SEO packages for all budgets, so you can get to the top of Google for searches near you.

Find your place in the local search rankings without breaking the bank! Affordable SEO offers custom SEO packages for all budgets, so you can get to the top of Google for searches near you.

If you’re looking for a high quality, affordable SEO service that includes everything from keyword research to on-page optimisation, then look no further.

Are you looking for a company that can help you with your marketing and SEO needs? Affordable SEO from We Get Digital is the the service for you. We offer all types of services such as linkbuilding, keyword research, social media optimisation, web development, and blogging. You’ll never have to worry about another company coming in to take over your marketing again!

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What is ON SITE (aka “on page”) SEO?

Getting your site optimised for SEO will help the search engines understand what your Website is about and interpret your page content. We can perform on-site SEO for new website builds (recommended) or on existing sites following a “FREE” SEO AUDIT (Contact us below to book your free audit)

  • Site speed
  • Image optimisation
  • Keywords in the right places
  • Authority and trust
  • Unique content
  • Mobile friendly
  • Page structure and metadata
  • Use of Schema markup
  • Internal links
  • Analytics set up

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What is a MONTHLY SEO STRATEGY (aka “off-site” SEO)?

Search engines use complex algorithms to determine which websites and pages to include in their listings and the order in which these pages appear in the search results. By performing regular monthly SEO we can increase and maintain our site position for our target keywords.

  • Link Building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Image/Video Submission
  • Social Content
  • Directory Submission
  • Article/Blog Submission
  • Link Baiting
  • Web 2.0 (PBN)
  • Website Speed Analysis
  • Mobile friendly

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What is LOCAL SEO?

If your business is mainly focused on local clientele, and has a physical address, then Local SEO is a great way of promoting your business within your geographical area, where it really matters!. Local SEO won’t really do much for your national organic rankings…. it’s purely LOCAL.

  • Google My Business – creating/reviewing account
  • Local keyword focus
  • Customised listings
  • Reviews – we have tools to help you collect them
  • Citations (your details and links in quality directories)
  • Local links
  • Social posting in local groups/pages
  • Voice search recognition
  • Local search analysis & reports

* £ – Please contact us for a quote as the cost is dependent on site size and content


A complete overview of your Local SEO performance in minutes; including Search Rankings, Local Listings, Reviews, On-Site SEO & Social Media.

Simply enter your Business Name and we’ll do the rest!

Why is SEO Important?

Local SEO Business Packages

Local SEO is a necessity for any online marketing campaign for small businesses. Our affordable packages make it easy to get started, and they’ll always help you rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Local SEO is a necessary marketing strategy for any small business to succeed in today’s online world. Online shoppers have no idea what town you’re based in, so it’s important to market your company locally while still being able to rank nationally. A Local SEO package can get you on the map and keep you there with up-to-date content that speaks to your customers’ needs.
Local SEO packages are the fast, easy, and affordable way for small business websites to rank higher on search engines. Get started now by taking advantage of our local SEO service packages that includes keyword optimisation services, social media marketing management, overall site optimisation, and more!
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PLEASE NOTE: Although all of our on-going SEO plans are on a “no contract, monthly rolling basis” we do ask that you commit to at least 6-9 months in order to give a reasonable amount of time for the keyword work to gain traction.
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More about on site SEO

On-Site SEO is quite an in-depth process and varies hugely depending on the client and the website.

New Websites

The best time to perform on-site SEO is when the website is being built, right at the stage when the content (copy, images, video etc.) is being created or even when the new site is in the planning stage.

This will mean that when your new website goes “live” then the site is fully SEO optimised when launched and Google’s first impression of the site is of a perfect website, a great start!

Existing Websites

On-Page optimisation is of course perfectly feasible to perform on an existing site, one that perhaps is struggling to be found in the search engine rankings, but this really requires an “SEO Audit “first to ascertain where the work needs to be focused. The audit will identify errors in the SEO and highlight areas that need attention in order for the site to be fully optimised and effective.

Looking Ahead

On-Site SEO is crucial if you are planning to implement an on-going SEO strategy moving forward, there is absolutely no point in spending valuable time and money in driving traffic to your website if the site is not 100% search engine friendly!
Please Note: We may not be able to perform an SEO audit on “templated” websites like Wix, Squarespace etc.

More about SEO Strategy

There are many aspects that make up an on-going SEO strategy and the sum of these elements go towards telling the search engines that your site is worthy of a high ranking position.

Keyword Research

The first task to execute when planning an SEO strategy is keyword research. It is imperative to know what keywords, or phrases, your potential customers are typing in to the search bar to find what your business offers, and then direct them to your website. Keyword research gives us specific search data that helps us to determine what people are searching for, how many people are searching for those terms and how they like to view the information.

Content is King!

One of the most important elements of an SEO strategy is content. Google love to find well written and industry specific articles, blogs and features around your website and will reward you accordingly, correctly tagged images and videos also receive good marks from the search engine police! Regular posting of relevant content will stand you in good stead with your SEO strategy campaign.
Please Note: We may not be able to perform an SEO audit on “templated” websites like Wix, Squarespace etc.

Please Note: We only work with ONE client per trade or niche for SEO, after all, we cannot possibly get TWO clients to the top of Google can we?!