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Land a Digital Marketing Knockout on Boxing Day with These Proven Tricks

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Make the most of Boxing Day with these proven marketing tricks to maximise your online presence and boost sales. Learn how to land a knockout marketing campaign with these strategies.

Table of Contents

Boxing Day, often dubbed the UK’s Black Friday equivalent, marks the day after Christmas—a transition from festive celebrations to the initiation of the year’s most significant discount season. As retailers strive to clear out remaining inventory in anticipation of the upcoming season, crafting an effective Boxing Day marketing strategy becomes crucial. 

Unlike the lead-up to Christmas, Boxing Day poses unique challenges. Should you start advertising before the big day? Is an early kick-off for sales the right move, or should it be confined to a single explosive day? Here, we’ve compiled four tips to enhance your Boxing Day marketing strategy and potentially outshine your Christmas campaign. 

  1. Keep It Crystal Clear

In the post-holiday hustle, customers are bombarded with emails, their minds more occupied with holiday plans than upcoming Boxing Day sales. To ensure your marketing materials stand out, clarity is key. While injecting some fun is good, the rapid pace of Boxing Day sales calls for a straightforward approach. Clearly outline the discounts, communicate the sale period, and, for brick-and-mortar stores, prominently display opening times. Simplicity is the secret sauce in this fast-paced sales environment. 

  1. Offer Irresistible Incentives

The trend of declining in-store Boxing Day attendance, fuelled by the rise of online shopping and extended sales periods, demands innovative tactics to lure customers. Convincing people to leave the comfort of their beds after a day of feasting requires compelling incentives. Consider providing an extra discount to the first 30 customers through your doors or tempting early birds with complimentary goodies before 8 am. The value proposition needs to be strong enough to coax potential customers from their post-holiday relaxation to your store. 

  1. Ride the Christmas Campaign Wave

Leveraging the momentum generated by Christmas social media campaigns offers a golden opportunity for Boxing Day success. Given the festive spirit and heightened engagement during the holiday season, seamlessly transitioning from Christmas to Boxing Day marketing is a smart move. If you’ve run a photo competition, encourage customers to share pictures of gift recipients using or wearing your products. Sweeten the deal by offering an additional percentage off Boxing Day purchases for those who participated in your Christmas campaign. This continuity builds on the brand engagement and buzz generated earlier. 

  1. Check Statistics

Analysing consumer behaviour in the days surrounding Christmas reveals valuable insights. Statistics indicate a drop in sales just before Christmas, followed by a dramatic resurgence afterward. During this period, there’s an uptick in people entering stores without making purchases. The theory suggests consumers use this time to scope out items they plan to buy during post-Christmas sales. Capitalise on this trend by clearly communicating store hours and the sale duration, enticing potential buyers strategically planning their post-holiday shopping spree. 

Armed with these refined strategies, step into your Boxing Day marketing journey with the aim of delivering a knockout performance. The intersection of clarity, irresistible incentives, seamless campaign transitions, and strategic use of statistics positions your business for unparalleled success during this crucial sales event. Conquer the Boxing Day battlefield with these tactics, and victory will be well within your reach. 

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