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How to Create an SEO Friendly Website for Your Small Local Business

learn how to create an seo friendly website that not only looks great but also ranks high on search engines.

Table of Contents   An SEO friendly website is so important in today’s highly competitive digital landscape. A local business’s online presence serves as its primary point of interaction with potential customers. It’s not enough to have an attractive website; it must also be optimised to rank well on search engines. Today, we’ll talk about […]

Website Content Is King (Still) Get Ready for 2024

content is king - get ready for 2024 fun graphic

Website Content is King (STILL) ! Get Ready for 2024 Table of Contents Website Content is King – STILL! Years ago, we used to tell clients, “Content is King!”, and to always make sure you add relevant, fresh content regularly to your website, and be consistent. This is still very much the case today, if […]

Boost Your WordPress Website Speed with these 10 Image Optimisation Plugins 

heck out these 10 top-notch wordpress image optimisation plugins to supercharge your site's performance and boost user experience

Boost Your WordPress Website Speed with these 10 Image Optimisation Plugins Images often account for a significant portion of your webpage’s weight, impacting both search rankings and user experience. In this article, we explore 10 remarkable WordPress image optimisation plugins designed to swiftly and consistently reduce image size, ultimately improving your website’s speed. Why Image […]

Web Design Expert – What Is A Web Designer?

business web design expert herts we get digital 600x400 1 1

Web Design Expert – What Is A Web Designer? Table of Contents   Why Would You Need a Web Design Expert? Why Not Just Do It Yourself? A web design expert, as opposed to someone who professes to know how to build websites, can create websites that people use to share information, sell products, and connect […]

How Web Design Helps Business Grow

how web design helps business growth

How Web Design Helps Business Grow Table of Contents When it comes to business, web design can be a significant factor in your success and its really important to understand how web design helps business grow. From improving search engine rankings to enhancing customer experiences, having an effective and engaging website makes all the difference […]

How Much Does Website Cost?


How Much Does a Website Cost 2023? Table of Contents Website Cost is the question on most people’s minds when they think about designing or redesigning their websites. The first questions to ask yourself are “Do I actually need a website and what do I want it to do?” Do you actually need a website or […]

Important Website Planning

website planning for business

Table of Contents Important Website Planning for Business Website Planning for Business and planning in general is essential in business, whether it be for a new division, new premises, a new product line or a sales strategy, planning is the key to getting it right.   A company’s website is every bit as important a […]

Reasons to Avoid DIY Websites

avoid diy website design get professional

Reasons to Avoid DIY Websites Table of Contents Why you should avoid DIY websites We come across this situation almost daily, a potential client needs a new website but assumes that it will cost a small fortune to have one produced and decides that it would be much cheaper to do it themselves. On the […]

Top Website Trends for 2023


Top Website Trends for 2023 Table of Contents Website Trends 2024 update We have now released the 2024 update for digital trends and website trends so check this out here It’s funny to look back over the relatively short life of the internet and see just how much top website trends have changed. Top website […]

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