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What platform do you build websites on?

We mainly use WordPress as we find this to be the most versatile, flexible and manageable platform. Many of our clients find WordPress easy to maintain when they want to change an image or add some text once their site is built.


We also build customised (coded) websites if required.

About the Author: Carol Verity Mann

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Carol has been ‘getting’ digital since 1986 when she computerised the company she worked for. In 1994, when the Internet just started, she began hanging out on line and was totally fascinated by the methods of communication that this could facilitate – reaching the rest of the world. As she was in the world of communications it was just fascination that drove her on to learning her craft and securing a degree in Visual Communications in 2002. Carol started We Get Digital in 2008 and continues to love everything about commercial design and building websites.

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