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How to Choose a Business Domain Name

Choosing a business domain name holds significant importance for several reasons. Firstly, a domain name serves as the online identity of a business, representing its brand and creating a memorable impression on potential customers.

It is often the first thing people see and interact with when visiting a website, so a well-chosen domain name can make a positive and lasting impact.

Additionally, a domain name that accurately reflects the nature of the business or its offerings helps in building credibility and trust amongst customers. It allows customers to quickly understand what the business is about, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.


Choosing your new business domain name

how to choose a business domain name

Choosing your new business domain name

When you are starting your new business, it’s obviously a very exciting time and there are a whole lot of things to consider.

One of the first things to decide on is the name of your business and, as a spin off to that, your business domain name.

This decision is very important and often helps define your marketing collateral and, of course, your website address. It is CRUCIAL that you really consider your business domain name!

Moreover, a carefully selected domain name can also contribute to search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. Including relevant keywords or phrases in the domain name can potentially improve the website’s visibility in search engine rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find the business online.

But why is it so important to choose a good business domain name?

Firstly, it is your first impression to most people. When people search for you on-line, or land on your website the URL or domain name is the first thing they are likely to see.

Furthermore, a unique and distinctive domain name sets a business apart from its competitors. It helps in brand differentiation and positioning, making it easier for customers to distinguish and remember the business among a sea of similar offerings.

It’s worth noting that choosing a domain name that is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember is crucial. A complicated or convoluted domain name can lead to confusion, frustration, and loss of potential traffic.

In summary, selecting a business domain name wisely is essential for establishing a strong online presence, building credibility, attracting customers, enhancing local and national SEO efforts, and standing out in a competitive market.

Even more importantly, a good and relevant domain name can actually help people find your business on-line, above your competitors. This your first foray into doing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), where you tell Google, and the like, exactly who you are and what you do so they can index your website and potentially give you a higher-ranking position… but more on that later.


How do you choose a great domain name?

Relevant – a domain name must be pertinent to your business, at least in some way. It should tell people what you do or who you are or maybe where you are if a particular locality is important to your business.
Memorable – Your domain name needs to stand out from millions of other names out there. Try and think of a name that is catchy and memorable, but still relevant.
Simple – Don’t be overly clever with weird or unusual spellings, keep your domain name easy-to-type and avoid using abbreviations wherever possible. Also, hyphens are a no-no!
Think Keywords – Keywords are a vital part of any on-line marketing strategy. Keywords, and key phrases, are what people typically type into Google to find a business or service such as yours. It’s a good idea to do a little keyword research before you finalise your domain name, this may pay off in bucket loads later on.
Location – If you are a local business and most of your customers come from within a certain radius of you, consider having your location as part of your domain name. This will help people know that you operate within a certain locality but be careful not to alienate potential customers who may be outside your area.

What about the domain extension, is that important too?

A domain extension (or TLD – Top Level Domain) is the .com,, .net, .london etc that you see at the end of a web address. It seems you can have almost any domain extension you want these days. Location-specific, industry-specific, charity, commercial sites, government sites, the list goes on.

A lot of people will tell you to get the .com suffix, it denotes a level of seriousness and scale. But that is not always the case and a .com can be pretty expensive. If you are a UK-based business, which the majority of our clients are, then a or .uk TLD is absolutely fine.

But have a good look around, according to to Go Daddy there are more than 1500 different TLD’s available, and that’s on top of the big 5 – .com, .org, co, .net and .us!
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How about Multiple Domains, are they a good idea?

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Some businesses, us included, use more than one, or multiple domains. This where you purchase your main domain, for example, but, to protect your brand and to prevent missing out on potential traffic, you may want to see what other variations are available.


We also purchased and we “point” one domain to the other so actually, we only have one website on our preferred domain.


It is not uncommon for people to buy misspellings of their main domain name, this can be a useful way to mop up some traffic from bad spellers or careless typists! But keep an eye on the price, it may not be worth the expense.

how to write a website brief power stones

Where do I buy a Doman Name and how much will it cost?

how to choose a domain name cost

Where do I buy a Doman Name and how much will it cost?

So, we hope you found this resource page on domain names useful, it really is important to consider your website address. Spend a bit of time looking around on or and see what is available.


Watch out for the cost too. A lot of companies reel you in with a very cheap first-year domain price but this can escalate a lot after the sweetening period! Check out the cost of buying your domain for 2, 3 or even 5 years, it may work out much better value.


A typical domain could cost you as little as 0.79p for the first year, cheap as chips! But, as stated above, expect to pay more for Year 2 onwards and there are other costs involved too, e-mail hosting, SSL certificates, and hosting for example.

For further advice or help in choosing and buying YOUR new business domain name, give us a call, we’re happy to help!
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