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Reasons to Avoid DIY Websites

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Why you should avoid DIY websites

We come across this situation almost daily, a potential client needs a new website but assumes that it will cost a small fortune to have one produced and decides that it would be much cheaper to do it themselves.

On the surface this may seem like a logical and valid assumption but, in reality, a poor quality, home-built website could have disastrous consequences and end up putting off potential customers and clients.

It’s absolutely crucial to rethink the use of DIY websites if you want to establish a professional business. These platforms might seem convenient or budget-friendly, but they can’t compete with a customized website crafted by a professional web designer.

A professionally designed website can give your business a unique look and tailor features specifically to meet your business needs. It adds credibility and boosts branding that generic DIY sites simply cannot provide.

Keep in mind, as appealing as DIY websites may seem, having an experienced web designer behind your site increases visibility, functionality and sets your business apart from competitors. Investing in a professional touch is always worth it for long-term profitability and reputation.

Spend Wisely On Your Website!

In this era of on-line instructions and YouTube tutorials, it may seem easy to build your first business website and save a lot of money in the process. In fact, it is far from easy to build a cohesive, functioning, beautifully designed website that fully represents your business and brand and that will capture the attention of web browsers and potential clients.

Your website is the “shop window” of your business on-line. It has to represent your company in the right way and the messaging needs to be clear, concise and prompt people to contact you or buy direct from the site.

A badly designed website with unclear messaging and minimal “calls-to-action” can drive people away from your site and on to your competitors.

First Impressions Count

First impressions can be lasting impressions, so why take a chance on getting it all wrong by cutting corners with your company website?

We are constantly browsing the internet these days, on our PC’s, tablets and phones, always on the lookout for a product or service, or just for entertainment. So your on-line presence needs to really stand out and grab people’s attention if they pass by your website.

It’s said that we only have 3 seconds to capture a new visitor to our website before they click away and go elsewhere. So, hiring a professional web design company to help produce a site that will grab visitors attention and make them want to use your company can be a very worthwhile part of your marketing budget!

A Website Must Work for You Top Notch

There is also a technical side to having a pro build your website. The functionality needs to be super-slick and work properly at all times, people are fickle, if something doesn’t work or doesn’t take them to where they need to be, they will disappear as soon as they arrive!

A recent statistic also states that 39% of website visitors globally will stop engaging with a website if images will not load or take too long to load.

Google also will penalise websites that are badly put together or breach their guidelines, something a professional and reputable web design company will be fully aware of and able to avoid, giving you the maximum chance of being seen in the search engine rankings.

So, you see it isn’t always a case of “cheap is good” and, as the old saying goes, “If you want to be a professional, USE a professional!”

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