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securing a featured snippet in the search engines

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Securing a Featured Snippet on Google

What Is a Google Featured Snippet?  

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an ever-evolving competition, and since Google dominates over 92% of the market, SEO campaigns primarily focus on adapting to the Google algorithm.

Brands across industries continually refine their pages, optimising keyword density, headers, and structure, as well as incorporating question-based queries, among other strategies. It’s a crucial component of modern digital marketing strategies. 

Every effort counts in bolstering your success because the higher your position on the search engine results page (SERP), the more traffic you can attract. The top organic result on SERPs (excluding ads) garners a whopping 39.6% of all clicks, decreasing to 18.4% for the second position, 10.1% for the third, and diminishing further down the list. 

Achieving top-ranking positions for your target pages on search engines is vital for SEO success. However, with limited spots available, creativity is key. Fortunately, Google introduced ‘Featured Snippets’ in 2014 to enhance user experiences by providing quick answers to queries. These snippets quickly gained popularity, offering a new piece of valuable online real estate for businesses to target with their content. 

Securing a Featured Snippet isn’t a simple opt-in process; Google assesses your content’s quality and promotes it if it deems it helpful for specific search queries. In this article, our SEO agency looks deeper into what Featured Snippets are and explores how you can tailor your content to earn one on Google. 

What is a Featured Snippet on Google’s Search Engine? 

Featured Snippets are a concise snippet of information that directly answers a user’s query right on the search engine results page (SERP). It aims to provide users with a quick and convenient solution to their questions without requiring them to click through to a website. 

Google determines which Featured Snippets to showcase by considering various factors such as the query’s relevance and the content’s quality. If a user opts to explore the Featured Snippet for further details, they will be directed straight to the specific section of the webpage that addresses the topic they inquired about. 

The Different Types of Featured Snippets 

They come in various formats, each tailored to different types of search queries: 

  • Paragraph: This format features a short paragraph of text extracted from a web page, providing concise answers to straightforward questions. 
  • List: List Featured Snippets display a list of items or steps, ideal for queries that require multiple entries or a step-by-step response. 
  • Table: Table Featured Snippets present data in a tabular format, suitable for complex questions that demand extensive data for a comprehensive answer. 
  • Video: Video Featured Snippets incorporate video content pulled from web pages into search results, offering engaging responses to both simple and intricate queries, often linked to platforms like YouTube. 
  • Accordion: Accordion Featured Snippets consist of collapsible tabs that users can expand to access additional information about specific topics. This format is handy when a single paragraph or table isn’t sufficient to address the query. 
  • Rich Answer: Rich Answers provide succinct responses to search queries in a prominent, bold font, often accompanied by supplementary information and the URL source. These are especially effective for delivering direct and concise answers. 

Why You Should Aim To Get A Feature Snippet Spot 

It might appear counterintuitive to pursue Featured Snippets in SEO when the main objective is to increase organic clicks to your website.

Initially, the assumption could be that Featured Snippets discourage clicks by providing immediate answers on the search results page, eliminating the need to visit a website. However, the reality has proven to be quite the opposite since their introduction. 

Analysing click-through rates (CTR) following the advent of Featured Snippets reveals a surprising trend.

Brands are experiencing a substantial increase in clicks to their designated pages.

Featured Snippets offer valuable real estate that users actually prefer because they provide a concise ‘snippet’ of the information users seek, enticing them to click through for more details. Furthermore, this means a single page can secure multiple top positions on Google, enhancing its visibility and click potential. 

How to Get a Featured Snippet on Google 

Researching and targeting question-based queries related to your industry is a fundamental step in securing Featured Snippets. Tools like Google’s “People also ask” section and platforms like Answer the Public can provide a wealth of questions to structure your content around.

For more advanced keyword research, using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to balance keyword difficulty with audience relevance can help you identify optimal phrases to target. 

Properly structuring your target pages with headings and paragraph tags is essential, aligning with Google’s emphasis on user experience.

Break your content into sections with clear headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.), ensuring that the user’s query is addressed in the h2 with the explanation following in the paragraph (<p>) tag. Numbered instructions and steps are crucial when proposing a solution, as they align with list-type Featured Snippets. 

Including definitions is valuable, especially for non-question-based searches. Google often favours answers that begin with a topic description, making definitions ideal for Featured Snippets.

Aim to keep paragraph content between 40 to 60 words for optimal results, as Google’s algorithm tends to favour this word range. 

Lastly, ranking higher on page 1 of SERPs significantly increases your chances of securing a Featured Snippet.

To achieve this, focus on traditional SEO practices, including content quality, keyword optimization, and building online authority. These strategies collectively enhance your visibility and make your content more attractive to Google’s algorithm. 

Landing a Google Feature Snippet Spot Involves Constant Review and Optimisation  

Ready to take your SEO strategy to the next level and secure those coveted Featured Snippets? At We Get Digital, we’re experts in the art of constant review and content optimization.  

Let us guide you in tailoring your content for maximum visibility, making it easier for your audience to review your pages and for Google’s algorithm to index and rank your content effectively. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stand out in search results—partner with us today and make Featured Snippets a reality for your business!

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