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Top Website Trends for 2023

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Website Trends 2024 update

We have now released the 2024 update for digital trends and website trends so check this out here

It’s funny to look back over the relatively short life of the internet and see just how much top website trends have changed.

Top website trends – so fascinating to look back and see how things have changed. And having been there since pretty much the beginning it is really amazing how things have progressed. In a little less than 30 years (yes, it was 1991 when the first “Web Page” went live, August 6th to be precise!) we have seen huge changes in design and massive advances in technology, allowing us all more freedom and choices when it comes to designing and building our new website.

It has given designers like us the chance to offer our clients, large and small, a vast array of design options and functionality previously only available to businesses with deep pockets and access to a team of creatives and technical wizards.

But, as we launch into another internet decade, what are the key trends and technologies that will be making their way to our pc’s, tablets and mobile phones in 2023? Let’s take a look shall we?

Less is More When it Comes to Website Trends

It is often said that elegance is defined by simplicity, maybe that’s true, and certainly we are seeing a move in web design toward a minimalist design style with lots of white space where stunning images and striking typography can really stand out. It used to be that things were just crammed in with not much opportunity to really think about and implement a decent layout.

Using colours effectively are a big feature of current design website trends too, it is not only white space that is popular today, both subtle and bright colours are being used in page backgrounds, depending on the page content and functionality.

But please don’t confuse simple with easy (or cheap!!), you still need to create the same level of visual excellence and user friendliness and often, with fewer elements, this can be quite tricky.

Voice Technology

Using voice-controlled commands is something we have become more and more used to with technologies like Alexa and Siri.

Voice User Interface (VUI) are becoming increasingly popular when selecting music to play in our homes, search for a programme on our smart TV’s or looking for a local restaurant whilst we are out and about and on our mobile phones. It is quicker, easier and certainly the way forward.

VUI is set to play a big part in website navigation and user experience, especially when it comes to making on-line purchases and using apps, businesses will need to start thinking about really optimising their websites and SEO with VUI in mind.

3D Visualisation

3D graphics for websites have actually been around for a few years, but, until now, have been far out of the reach of most of us due to the high cost involved in rendering and modelling 3D images. Check out our partners XO3D who are just at the edge of cutting design and 3D. They add that extra to website trends.

Architects, property developers and on-line retailers can now take advantage of this fantastic technology and enhance their visuals and user experience.

3D technology has really raised the bar for website content, making images, graphics and even videos more visually stunning and life-like.

Here at We Get Digital we are lucky enough to have an in-house 3D graphic artist, well, actually a family member who runs XO3D. See an example of our work for a client below, a simple yet really effective graphic showing exactly what the company does!

all weather coating 3d graphic we get digital 600x319 1

Animated Icons

However simple and minimalist our website design may be, we still love a bit of movement, not too much (unless it’s a video of course!) and quite subtle, but movement, nonetheless.

One thing we really like at We Get Digital are animated icons. Using icons throughout a website is a nice, clean way of highlighting where the user is on the site, they aid navigation and look great too.

When these icons are animated it just gives them a lift and adds a little movement to the static page.

User Experience – top website trends are not important for this

Let’s be honest, we design and build our business websites primarily for the user… don’t we? If not, we should do!

Surely the most important person on any website is the user, and that user will be the focus of web design in 2023.

Consideration to exactly who are potential website users are and where they “hang out” will concentrate our SEO focus and, once we have them on our website, our user experience will be key in keeping them there and making sure they find exactly what they need.

cold smooth tasty.

Huge Font Sizes

Typography, (the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed), is set to play a huge part in web design trends in 2023.

One area of typography that is likely to feature highly is font size, BIG font sizes! Larger than life letters are going to fill the white (or coloured!) space on our screens and will also be used to denote site hierarchy and navigation.

Big and bold… that’s where we are going in typography land for the next website trends!

So, that’s our take on what to look out for in 2023 when it comes to web design, I’m sure as the months tick by we will see more exciting trends develop… watch this space!

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