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What’s Old Is New Again in Modern Web Designs 2020

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What can be considered as modern web design? Something that looked modern and fresh yesterday can appear dated seemingly overnight, and trends once dismissed as irrevocably passé can unexpectedly cycle back in vogue- What could be this?

Well, I am neither a fashionista nor the following post is about attires and accessories. But much like the fashion industry, what’s old is new again in the web design realm.

Yes, professionals are seen making a significant impact by borrowing design concepts from decades ago. And some of these ideas were originally created for the print which are now being highly recommended in the digital space. I am sure you must be wondering why?

Retro style whether it’s for apparel or for your website always tends to offer a rare sense of nostalgia which ends up evoking users visually. Offering an effective combination of emotion with a modern interface and user patterns; nothing can stop you from succeeding.

I mean even if you don’t incorporate brands or icons in your site, the retro look has that power to grab the attention of the end-user in the era of web development. Here, there are chances of users being intrigued by the site and give its content and offerings a chance.

Modern Web Design- Should we call it a comeback?

If we recall the 1990s era, I am sure you will sum up memories of some of the best yet awful practices like table layouts, blinking text and loading 90k images on a 14.4kbps modem.

Yes, I am specifically talking about files which can never be downloaded anywhere near that speed. Therefore, all the advanced CSS techniques were used by web designers leading to rebellious state-of-mind instead of a collection of HTML hacks.

Looking back to the future, further, I would like to shed some light on some of the most desirable old-school trends for 2020.

#1 Coming Soon Page

Imagine you enter a physical store and find it under construction; how would you feel? Disappointed, I guess! Similarly, when a visitor visits your site and finds it under construction; they might feel the same.

Over the span of years, web development companies have been emphasizing on the importance of “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” web page. This trend is like a fine growing wine; the more you age the more acceptable you become.

On a general basis, the public are notified that a website is under construction at the motivate and it is done in such a way that customers are compelled to come back again. Being too overwhelmed with information, people tend to ignore something that looks to boring to be memorable. A remarkable, bold, and refined “Coming Soon” web page design is the only way to make them want to come back again.

#2 Pixel Fashion

Buttonless screens and high-resolution images are quite in vogue. But tell me something honestly don’t you miss those pixel fashion? The time we used to play Tetris and video-games instead of going to school.

Even as of now, pixel seems like a cute passed away trend which is now back in action. On and all, the ability to combine the past and current fashion is a real art that can make your website design eye-catching and memorable.

In addition to this, something that favors the unexpected, pushing boundaries, and experimenting with asymmetry is also called relevant today in modern web design.

Web developers all across the globe emphasise on making more use of the broken grid and asymmetrical layouts. I personally feel that this trend will sooner or later become more prevalent in the upcoming years.

#3 More enhanced/elevated image treatments for modern web design

Are you someone who believes in the fact that 1 picture is equal or more than 1000 words? According to me, image designs always allowed us to create unique opportunities like never before. Try experimenting such as placing images in circles, making them black and white, adding a drop shadow behind them and so more.

In addition to this, image treatment is a step further to success. I mean if you look very closely you will find most websites featuring a very large hero-style image that spans the entire width of their website, taking up a great deal of height. I personally suggest changing the way you present and create a design trend that will be remembered for the upcoming years. Take a look at Drip’s website, you will find cut out images in different drawings and shapes.

Final Thought

Old-school fashion might not be such a bad thing! Combining the latest emerging trends with these hacks and techniques can take you places in today’s world of unexpected web design paradoxes. Come up with some truly eye-catching and memorable stuff; create magic!


Charles Richard possesses over 10 years of experience in the business analysis profession. He also enjoys mentoring BA professionals, and his well-rounded knowledge base in engineering concepts provides an easy way to make non-technical people understand basic theories. Currently, he works at TatvaSoft UK a leading iPhone app development company based in London. To know more about his company, please visit

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